Developmental Disabilities

Residential Services – The homes operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Mentally retarded clients live in the homes and are transported each day to a training center, work center, or a school to participate in programs designed for the mentally retarded.
Habilitative Day Programs (Duke School and Fruithurst) – Two facilities operate five days a week, serving developmentally disabled persons with a variety of services. Students participate in vocational, social, recreational, and educational programs designed to help them achieve a more self-sufficient life-style.
Supported Employment (Action Industries) – A sheltered workshop for mentally retarded adults. The program is certified for forty-five people to perform contract work with local industries. The ultimate goal is eventual job placement in competitive employment.
Case Management Services – Offers coordination of services such as assessment, living arrangements, health needs, etc; provided to the mentally retarded clients and their families.
Emergency Service – the general function of the Emergency Service is to provide around-the-clock crisis intervention to those persons who are in need of immediate care. Intervention is accomplished either by telephone or face-to-face contact, depending upon the nature and extent of the emergency.